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‘Supporting Vietnamese pangasius producers towards sustainability’
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  • DKSH
  • Nordic Seafood
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  • Seafood Connection
  • IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative
  • SNV

About the ASC Accelerator

ASC Accelerator Vietnam

The ASC Accelerator, initiated by IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative in 2010, aimed to accelerate the ASC certification of Vietnamese pangasius production.


The ASC Accelerator contributed to the unprecendented fast compliance to rigirous ASC criteria for sustainable pangasius production. Within 2 years 25% of Vietnamese pangasius production was ASC certified or on its way to be certified.


Many partners contributed to this major achievement, including: VASEP, VINAFIS, The Vietnamese Government, Worldwide Wildlife Fund, SNV, DKSH, Femeg, Mayonna, Nordic Seafood, Anova, Seafood Connection, Queens and others.


End of 2013 the ASC Accelerator was closed and replaced by the FIT (Famers in Transitilon) Fund which is a similar mechanism for accelerating sustainable worldwide pangasius, shrimp and tilapia production: www.fitfund.com


At the close of the ASC Accelerator, a video was produced to document the major achievement of the program: 







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